About Me

Who am I?

Welcome to my crazy life!

This blog will mostly be about plants, houseplants, annuals, perennials, a little of everything! Sometimes it will include things from my unique prospective. I am blessed with 2 amazing children, who have autism. I am married to a great man, who knows nothing about plants, lol. I am also a Master Gardener and enjoy teaching others.

I will also be answering questions, so please feel free to ask, there are no stupid questions! Also, if you think I am wrong about something, or i need to explain something further, let me know. I always love learning a new way to do things

The information I post, comes from personal experience, classes I have taken, or educational websites. I make sure all my sources are credible. When possible, I will share where I got information from. I want to give you the right answers, not just any answer. :)

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